Martin Long

Studio Managing Director

Martin Long began his career in the United Kingdom as an analytical chemist in a busy quality control laboratory and moved to a sales role where he sold scientific instruments used in laboratories. He progressed into sales and service management before moving to global product management. He ultimately ran global businesses and P&Ls with revenues from $5 million to $350 million. His journey took him from the corporate environment into the venture capital world and back again. Early in his career at Thermo Fisher, Martin built a global distribution network for scientific instruments and then joined PerkinElmer where he led product market strategy, launch, and commercialization of new instruments, imaging, robotics, and assay platforms in the life and analytical sciences business. He was co-founder of an internal start-up, OneSource, an outsourced asset management program for pharmaceutical research that rapidly grew to revenues of more than $200 million. After successfully gaining traction in Europe. Martin moved to the United States in 2005 to establish OneSource in the States.

During his 12 years at PerkinElmer, Martin built an enterprise informatics portfolio through acquisition and led the growth platforms business comprising mass spectrometry, consumables, services, and enterprise informatics. He then led the development of a food segment platform focused on safety, quality and authenticity. He later rejoined Thermo Fisher to build a materials science segment business focused on the characterization and application of nano materials. 

Martin returned to life sciences to lead the outsourced services business at Brooks Life Sciences. This business focused on helping pharmaceutical sponsors and contract research organizations accelerate clinical trials through robust patient sample management. During his four-year tenure, he increased revenues from $40 million to $100 million.