The power of a healthcare venture studio.

Boomerang Studio is a new model for entrepreneurship, combining company building with venture funding and milestones to accelerate time to market. But we’re more than that. We focus entirely on early-growth startups in the healthcare and life sciences sectors in digital health, diagnostics, and life sciences tools that have the potential for true, measurable disruption. Opportunities where our experienced team of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry executives can make a difference. A big difference.

We’re also different in that we work with individual entrepreneurs and founders as well as corporations, universities, and healthcare entities that need a commercialization resource for ideas developed within their organizations.

As a full-service alternative to accelerators and incubators, we don’t sit on the sidelines and watch clients do their thing. We’re hands-on; evaluating, selecting, and de-risking new ideas and technology and providing the strategy, team, and capital to bring a new company to market. We also manage day-to-day business operations so entrepreneurs can focus on more critical tasks. Once a company shows traction, we raise capital through the Boomerang Ventures Fund to fully realize the growth opportunity. 

Perfect for First-time Entrepreneurs and Founders

The studio surrounds you and your team with the expertise to define, de-risk and execute your strategy. By partnering with Boomerang Studio , you have access to dedicated experts in marketing, finance, product development, operations, supply chain, business development, legal, and human resources so you’re not burning time building a team of individual advisors who may or may not be effective. We also take care of fund raising so you can focus on your technology. The Studio pays for everything in exchange for an equity stake in the future potential of your new company. The result is faster progress, less risk.

Realizing Innovation in Corporations

Corporations often find themselves torn between day-to-day and the need to innovate. Core business lines are under constant threat from disruptive new entrants, but don’t have the resources available to advance internally developed inventions. And, there are simply not enough good companies to acquire to infuse innovation that way. If this sounds like your company, Boomerang Studio can help. We partner with corporations to bring your unrealized innovations to market by creating hybrid teams that mix elements from your core with Studio resources. We share the investment requirements and the success and have the focus to increase the odds of successfully commercializing your innovation.

Amplifying Academic and Healthcare Entrepreneurship

Boomerang Studio works with universities and health systems to amplify entrepreneurship and commercialization, working with the country’s finest academic and healthcare minds to quickly shape the best ideas into a compelling technology and create a roadmap and go-to-market strategy. We provide the mentors and resources to help clients’ entrepreneurial faculty or healthcare practitioners commercialize intellectual property and provide an end-to-end learning experience for your staff. They will benefit from a great business learning experience that enhance future research, publishing and raising grant funding. We also partner with your tech transfer programs to ensure smooth transition of intellectual property into the Studio.

Each Boomerang Studio engagement is unique and structured to the needs of the client. Interested?