We invest in Midwest innovators
across emerging companies
and evolving industries.

Our differentiated investment strategy is deeply rooted in our confidence as experienced business leaders and early-stage investors. As a team, we have been successful entrepreneurs for over twenty years and early-stage investors for over ten years. We have founded and operated startup companies where our proven operational skills and capital investments have led to significant returns for our investors. Our collective knowledge in early-stage investing has also resulted in success and experience in identifying and managing deal flow, in structuring investments, and in managing and exiting portfolio companies that created appreciable returns for investors. This knowledge and track record of success give us the confidence that our “multi-sector and multi-stage” investment strategy can result in above average returns for our investors. 

We believe the next wave of innovation is in emerging technologies and evolving industries. Industries in which the Midwest is dominant. Entrepreneurs delivering solutions that industries embrace will be rewarded with substantial addressable markets, resources and strategic partnerships seeking innovation for growth and competitive position in their marketplace. 

Our multi-stage strategy involves investing in companies at various stages of development, based on specific characteristics that we have identified during our experience.

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