Investing in early-growth healthcare companies.

Boomerang Venture Fund is a Midwest-based, early-growth stage fund that works with dynamic individual and corporate entrepreneurs who have big ideas and want to build great companies in health care and life sciences. We are led by a strong team of venture partners and couple our capital with deep experience in business and investing, an extensive network of resources, and proven success in launching and exiting companies in health care and life sciences.

Two-pronged Investment strategy

  • As the funding arm of Boomerang Studio, we serve as the lead investor in Series Seed or Series A rounds of companies launched out of our studio.
  • We also consider opportunities well beyond our region where we see great potential and where we believe we can add value.


  • Innovative technology-enabled companies in health care and life sciences

Investment Size

  • $250,000 – $1.5 Million in each company

We maintain an extensive network of co-investors, including angel groups and other venture capital firms for co-investing opportunities and referrals.

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