The best path forward takes focus

Boomerang Studio is focused on building commercially successful companies in tech-enabled medical devices, healthcare informatics, delivery systems, and life sciences tools. We partner with organizations and coachable founders/entrepreneurs who align and adhere with our philosophy of finding the best path forward in order to achieve the desired results.

We insist on understanding market dynamics before taking on a client and their technology. We want to understand how it materially disrupts incumbent solutions, what the addressable market size is, and how we can win quickly with scale. We want to understand target decisionmakers, customers and go-to-market models and how best to protect inventions and maintain differentiation. We look for opportunities with a clear exit path, where potential acquirers and their target metrics and milestones are well understood. We use our new ventures expertise, systems, and processes to de-risk new invention proposals, validating technology concepts and regulatory pathways, and qualifying macro-economic timing. Our criteria for funding requirements and corresponding returns is strictly adhered to maximize results. We do this upfront, before making a commitment. Our evaluation process is fast yet thorough and we will not keep you waiting for answers.

Our bar is high because we expect to win. Are you a winner?