We are boomerang ventures, bringing healthcare ideas to life.

Boomerang Ventures is on a mission to help solve the most pressing healthcare challenges facing the world today through our venture fund and studio and thus ensure a better quality of life for all.  We do that by building, launching, and funding new healthcare and life sciences companies with the potential to disrupt legacy technologies and processes and in so doing improve patient outcomes and lower the cost of health care. 

We’ve assembled a diverse team of successful founders and entrepreneurs who serve as Boomerang Studio advisors, mentors, strategists, and guides to new founders and entrepreneurs as well as to sponsoring corporations, universities, health systems and related entities to identify and execute best path forward launch strategies. 

Through our venture fund, we also welcome investors, individual along with angel networks and other institutional investors, and strategic partners to our cause of bringing healthcare ideas to life.

We invite you to meet the Boomerang Team and encourage you to connect.

We Partner

with a carefully cultivated and curated network of results-oriented companies that share our vision to bringing healthcare ideas to life and bringing to companies to market faster and stronger.

We De-Risk

using our Boomerang Launch System to refine ideas, define market strategies, manage pipelines and project lifecycles. We are driven and supported by data and a wealth of direct industry experience.

We Focus

on creating and building companies in tech-enabled medical devices, healthcare informatics, delivery systems, and life sciences tools, leveraging our team of healthcare entrepreneurs and innovators.

We Invest

through our early growth venture fund, serving as the lead investor in Series Seed or Series A rounds of newly formed companies launch from our Studio. We maintain an extensive network of co-investors.