Nathan Aardsma, Research Intern, Boomerang Ventures

Nathan Aardsma

Research Intern

As a Research Intern at Boomerang Ventures, Nathan Aardsma is responsible for market research and trend analysis.

He also explores new and emerging markets, competitive intelligence, market opportunity sizing, and business model development and testing. Nathan reports directly to Boomerang’s fund manager and contributes to the fund’s due diligence process on investment opportunities.

Nathan is an honors student at Butler University’s Lacy School of Business, where he’s a graduate candidate for a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics. At Butler, he works with a finance professor, screens stocks, provides feedback on various projects, and is responsible for creating a stock valuation competition for Indianapolis area high schools.

Previously, Nathan worked part-time as a Financial Analyst at First Leaf Capital in Champaign, Illinois, where he was responsible for analyzing deal flow to the fund, determining if companies were possible investments, and forwarding them to the fund manager.

Nathan is a licensed capital markets and securities analyst and financial modeling and valuation analyst. He also received certification in market concepts from Bloomberg.