Boomerang Ventures is a fund
by entrepreneurs,
for entrepreneurs,
with entrepreneurs.

Experience the Boomerang Effect

Inspire Us

Boomerang Ventures is a Midwest-based, early-stage growth fund focused on working with dynamic entrepreneurs, that have big ideas, and want to lead and build great companies.

Helping Entrepreneurs

We have a highly experienced team of successful entrepreneurs and investors that know what it takes to launch, build, scale and exit companies.  We know how to help because we have “been there and done that”.


While our  primary focus is on Midwest investment opportunities, our experience, knowledge and extensive network of resources allows us to consider opportunities well beyond our region.  We are opportunistic where we see great potential and where we believe we can add value.

The Boomerang Effect

We invest our time, capital and other critical resources to help entrepreneurs experience success in their endeavors and to return the greatest amount of value to our investors and to our ecosystem.

We focus on finding innovative, enabling technology companies that make the Midwest strong, like Life Sciences, Agriculture Technology, Manufacturing, and Logistics and invest ($500 thousand – $2 million) in each company.


Series A

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